Is your business unique and creative? Maybe your voicemail should be too?

So, you have voicemail, but are you leveraging it to its full potential? Are you presenting yourself professionally? Why not use our voice over artists to record a creative and professional phone message? With our in-house team of trained actors, voice over artists and sales professionals we are perfectly suited to assist you with a bespoke phone message to engage prospective customers, creatively promote your business and professional front your business.

Your voice is a signature—a unique and powerful part of your professional identity—which says more about you than you may imagine.
— Suzanne Bates (American Writer, entrepreneur and lecturer)

Whether you want to create a unique answering message for your business or have a professional voice as the front for your company. Let us help you develop and produce the phone messages you want your customers to hear. Don’t over complicate your phone messages, don’t use someone with a monotone voice, don’t pass the customer on to various other departments and don’t record a message that sends people to sleep. Perfect Vocal provide a variety of phone messages services to cater for your requirements.

Our phone services

  • Welcome messages
  • Out of Office
  • Voice mails
  • Call Menu Options
  • On hold messages
  • Voice overs
  • Entertain
  • Seasonal messages

For an informal chat about your requirements, please contact our Business Manager Craig Morgan on 01483 340699 or email