3 tips to make your sales team better telemarketers

1)      Have an Objective. Before they dial, make sure your sales team understand what they are trying to achieve. An overview of the purpose their role serves within the company, can make their task seem more compelling, and serve to motivate them to persevere.

2)      Record Intelligent Data. Validate the job title and the correct spelling of names. Ask for an email, DDI, or mobile number. If it feels like the call is being avoided, research with reception to see if there is anyone else available who may also be a suitable prospect.

3)      BANT qualify. BANT = Budget. Authority. Need. Timeline. This is everything you need for a lead to be classified as a quality lead. Without knowing these four components, progressing the prospect to a sale will become much harder for your sales team. Read our guide “How to generate a BANT qualified lead in 4 questions”.

Like any sales channel, telemarketing can be a tough task to master. However, a smart, targeted approach makes for an effective campaign, and a motivated, focused sales team.

A sales team of confident telemarketers is a potent force of lead generators, and you’d be amazed at how just a few tweaks to their approach, can have such a positive impact.

At Perfect Presentation, we blend acting skills with business acumen to create an innovative approach to telemarketing. We look at everything you need to be successful in sales, from self-confidence and self-portrayal, through to qualifying leads and going in for the close!

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