How to use telemarketing to nurture a lead in 6 easy steps

You’ve identified the contacts you want to target, now it’s time to get calling! But how do you turn a contact into a lead? Nurturing!

1. Build a rapport. Connections are based on a mutual trust. No-one will want to speak to you if you are rude. Respect your contact’s time constraints and be polite.

2. Verbal contracts. If your contact cannot talk, find out when the best time to call back would be. Try and get them to commit to a time, as well as a date, for the call back. They will be more likely to answer, as they’ll be expecting your call.

3. Take notes, and ensure that you listen more than you talk. Now is your chance to gather information; budget review dates, who is the decision maker; all these things will help you build the profile of your lead. Furthermore, soft facts such as your contact’s favourite football team or their latest holiday destination, are all useful things to remember.

4. Don’t harass. We find that it takes 3-4 calls from first speaking to a contact to receiving a definite answer from them. Agree a timeframe with your contact as to when you’ll call, and keep to it!

5. Obtain direct dials and personal email addresses. All of these details will help cut down the time it takes to contact your target. It will also enhance your data for future campaigns.

6. Know what you’re going to say. Keep it concise and relevant to your contact. If done correctly, the conversation will flow naturally.

Remember: Gatekeepers are your friend! They will decide if you get to speak to your contact so get them onside as early as possible! Be courteous, remember their name and most importantly, keep your fingers crossed!